Is bread really healthy?

Yes, we think it is.
Well, if you buy the right one.
Most people associate bread with a huge amount of carbs and therefore lots of diets will recommend you tossing it from your nutrition plan. But one essential point isn’t considered here. Traditional bread, like we have it in Germany, only consists of very few high quality ingredients, which will nurture your body and soul.

Talking about the ingredients...
Did you ever ask yourself why the bread loafs at almost every supermarket chain stay fresh and soft for weeks even though they are pre-sliced? Here is your answer: Common wheat loaves at grocery stores are full of processed ingredients, containing enriched or bleached flour and additives. Even the whole grain alternatives have a list with way too many ingredients, including preservatives, processed flours and added sugar. These unhealthy additives deprive all the good fibers and proteins and leave behind an inferior industry product, which can increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease and other chronic discomfort. Real whole grain bread without all the extras is a good source of B vitamins, iron, magnesium, selenium and dietary fiber.

Time to initiate new habits…
Each American consumes on average 53 pounds of bread per year. Probably 53 pounds of processed bread. We want to change that and believe that bread as the simplest and oldest food in human history only needs a few natural ingredients.

Why we?
When we came to the US almost two years ago the first thing we recognized was the lack of known bread options in the supermarkets. Growing up in Germany we weren’t used to eat bread with a soft appearance, different taste and an extraordinary long list of strange ingredients. Well, inevitably we decided to bake our own bread with only a few ingredients (water, yeast, salt). Ever since it is loved by friends, neighbours, coworkers and everyone who ever tasted it. Our little side hobby outgrew its purpose and order after order we recognized that the demand for real and healthy bread is there. It seemed like folks were only waiting to purchase bread that is healthy and distinctive in taste. Bread for us, is more than just a food - it’s culture, it’s our passion. Therefore keep bread simple, fresh and nutritious. Let’s jump on the bandwagon and experience the real taste of bread.